CCM Services Inc, provides over 1.000
Internet based  courses in various
aspects of Finance, Treasury and Risk
Management. They are accredited
courses and designed for the
professional or aspiring  professional
who wants to increase their knowledge
and practical application of sound
principles. They are self paced and
offered through a strategic partnership
with "Kesdee" Learning and International
in scope.       
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Value is created through integrity!
CCM Services, Inc. was established in May, 1994.
It has developed several strategic partnerships to
provide a broad range  of services to assist
companies with their overall control environment to
reduce risk and improve their bottom line.
The most effective tool is their "Hood Robbin
Hotline" , for employees to report instances of

WFA"  (waste, fraud and abuse) within their
respective organizations.
"Do you wonder where the money went?"
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(858) 248-4866
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"Reality is a consensus of perceptions!"  
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CCM Services has a scholarship
program for individuals currently
unemployed to help increase their
potential in returning to the
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Message from J. T. Clark ,
CEO/Chairman of the Board
As I wind down my own activities, I
want to pass on a Corporation with
real value and a legacy of constant
improvement. Hopefully, the
opportunities for personal
Improvement our e-Learning Courses
offer will further these goals in those
who take them.