“Hood Robbin”
Trademark #77174383
A Campaign to restore the American Dream,  
One Neighborhood at a time!

Joseph T. Clark, CTP, CNP, our CEO registered a media
campaign known as “Hood Robbin” The trademark was
published November 27, 2007.The “Hood Robbin” campaign was
originally devised by him in 1999, to showcase various aspects of
predatory lending practices. Nine years later, these practices
spiraled out of control and caused record numbers of
foreclosures and neighborhoods with ever increasing vacant and
devalued properties. Also the Capital Markets were decimated by
attaching values to these non-performing portfolios. The
campaign has now been refined to "Rebuilding the American
Dream', by establishing principles of integrity at all levels and
within all segments of the Economy.
"Original Program"  
Mr. Clark is the Owner and Program Coordinator for the Media
Campaign that offers solutions by engaging the various elements
of the Public and Private Sector in promoting their solutions
through the various media outlets to improve public confidence.
The purpose is to accelerate the adoption of the best solutions
and repair our broken economic system. It is a "think tank" with
commercial implications that resolves issues rather than
prolonging them in meaningless debate.
Campaign Website  
All segments of the Economy are inter-dependent. Recovery
starts at the neighborhood level, The Mira Mesa neighborhood is
where it all began with cooperative and diverse approaches
involving Government, Business, Education and Volunteer
organizations. Each sharing a goal of improvement and
enhanced property values. It hinges on financial controls and
best practices concentrating on  property owner's responsibilities
and code enforcement.  
"Hood Robin"
“Hood Robbin”
Trademark #77174383
San Diego,
CA 92126