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CCM Services, Inc.’s online / e-Learning courses cover key finance
topics related to Bank Balance Sheet management, Structured Finance, Market
Risk Management, Credit Risk Management, Operational Risk Management,
Basel II, Derivatives, Corporate Treasury Management, Anti Money Laundering,
Financial markets, Mutual Funds, Insurance, Bank Branch Management,
Finance & Accounting, Trading Operations, Commodity Markets, Governance,
Risk and Compliance.
Our strategic partnership with "Kesdee Learning" avails you with the most up to
date courses. Their seamless technology allows for self paced yet documented
completion. It assures understanding of the material through  exercises and
testing unique to most training programs. That is why their client list includes the
US Treasury, Federal Reserve Bank, the SEC , accounting firms, major banking
and financial institutions.

CCM Services, Inc. Online Certification Courses
On-line Tutorials for Risk Manager Certification and Financial Analysis Exams
such as Financial Risk Manager (FRM), Professional Risk Manager (PRM),
Associate Professional Risk Manager (APRM) and Chartered Financial Analyst
(CFA) Exam. Certifications are essential to become competitive in today's
shrinking job market.. Hiring managers require documentation and
demonstration of effort to stay on top of your profession these days to even
make the first cut of Resume' reviews. Check out our e-Coach tutorials which
prepare you to be successful in passing the exam and future career growth.
On-line Certification Courses, get started now!
CCM Services Inc. E-Learning Center
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