Speaker Profile:
Joseph T. Clark  (President and CEO of CCM Services, Inc) is a
Certified Treasury Professional  with a National Reputation of
identifying fraud and the prevention of fraud  He is also a
Certified Network Professional and recognized as an Expert on
investigating and preventing Identity and Corporate Identity Theft.
Learn about all aspects of the crime and how to prevent data base
intrusions. If you are unfortunate enough to fall prey to the
criminals, you will learn how to accelerate recovery of your
reputation and get your life back on track. Contact the BBB or
report a white collar crime to the National Task Force using the
links below.
Although retired from the US Postal Inspection Service, Mr Clark
is still very active and involved in prevention and education
about all aspects of White Collar Crime. His presentations provide
real value and are entertaining as he tells his "war stories" always
with a point to better equip his audience to recognize and avoid
becoming a victim.
Better Business Bureau of San Diego
Report Internet Crime
"Do you wonder where the money went?"
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